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Warning To Trademark Panda® Customers Regarding Unsolicited Services

The United States Trademark Office has offered the following warning regarding offers for trademark monitoring and document filing services by unsolicited third parties. Trademark Panda echoes these sentiments and encourages communication with us if you have any questions or concerns regarding such companies. You can view the original warning here.

“Warning to USPTO Customers: Trademark Monitoring and Document Filing Companies

You may receive unsolicited communications from companies requesting fees for trademark related services, such as monitoring and document filing. Although solicitations from these companies frequently display customer-specific information, including USPTO serial number or registration number and owner name, companies who offer these services are not affiliated or associated with the USPTO or any other federal agency. The USPTO does not provide trademark monitoring or any similar services.

Such companies typically charge a service fee in addition to applicable USPTO fees. In many instances, applicants and registrants have mistakenly believed that the USPTO has issued these communications or that these companies are affiliated with the USPTO. Complaints about such companies or communications may be made to the Federal Trade Commission, at

You can file documents electronically directly with the USPTO using forms available through the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS). Only applicable fees required by law, and no service fees, are charged. You can monitor status directly at no cost through Trademark Application Registration Retrieval (TARR). For general information on filing and maintenance requirements for trademark applications and registrations, including required fees, please consult the USPTO website.”

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