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Who We Are

Hello! My name is Doug and I started Trademark Panda® with the objective of injecting a dose of reality into the market for trademark services like trademark search, trademark registration, trademark monitoring and the like. For starters, here is my phone number: (248) 217-0002. No, that’s not my answering machine, secretary, or assistant’s number; it’s my cell phone number, the one that never leaves my side. Oh, and here is my direct email address: I answer all emails as soon as humanly possible. Get at me!

I worked as an attorney at a number of law firms, big and small, whose cost-prohibitive trademark practice methodologies would not only limit the scope of representation and the likelihood of getting new clients and keeping current clients happy, but would purposefully decrease service levels based on perceived value of a client. Within a short amount of time, I realized that I was philosophically opposed to this approach.

So, I started thinking about the fundamentals of trademarks and how I could implement them to the benefit of my potential clients: Why do people, companies and other entities need trademarks? How can we streamline the trademark registration process for those who can’t afford the traditional trademark clearance process, but can’t afford to wait? How can we provide accurate results, strategic advice, and comprehensive trademark representation at a reasonable price?

Enter Trademark Panda®!

Trademark Panda® embodies my answers to these questions: free trademark search, ridiculously inexpensive, flat-fee, all-inclusive trademark application packages, cheap and easy trademark monitoring packages, unlimited attorney consultation time, all the time, personal service without automated attendants, ease of use…my list of Trademark Panda®‘s benefits is pretty long. But let’s cut to the chase: I believe that Trademark Panda® is the absolute best way to research your potential trademark, apply for your trademark and register your trademark, and then monitor your trademark. This is due to low cost of use, fast turnaround, effective attorney representation, and solid trademark advice. Most importantly, Trademark Panda®‘s attorney advertisers–the attorneys who represent Trademark Panda®‘s visitors, are the crème de la crème of trademark attorneys.

Trademark Panda® accomplishes all of this by streamlining certain unnecessary stages of trademark representation that typical law firms utilize to run up client bills. Also, because Trademark Panda® is not a law firm, attorney, or attorney referral service, you don’t pay for secretaries, paralegals, junior associate attorneys, associate attorneys, partners, and the like. You just pay a flat fee for “soup to nuts” trademark representation. I personally make sure that attorneys advertising on Trademark Panda WANT TO HELP YOU according to the value structure outlined above, providing the absolute best trademark advice and representation–the same representation that you would experience at the best, most expensive law firms, without the high costs and fees.

With that, I’ll let you get to it.

I would appreciate the opportunity for your business, and the chance to grow with you. Give me a shout any time.

Best regards,

Douglas Burda
Founder, Trademark Panda®

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